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Top 10 Weed Strains

on Sat, 01/23/2016 - 21:47


Best Deal on Complete Enail Kit

on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 00:45

There seems to be plenty of misunderstanding as to the perks of getting an enail and finding the best low priced enail. Is the money actually worth the investment? We've created this blog post to share our experience with making use of enails and where You will be able to purchase one. 

You can finally put down your blowtorch and step up your dabbing game. E-nail is simply short for a electronic temperature control unit that is attached to a quartz nail through a coil. They are also ceramic and titanium inserts available.

You can easily use it on any one your oil rigs and appreciate all the mouth watering flavors. Get your favorite oil rig and throw on your electronic nail compatible nail unto your oil rig. You can also use a drop down or adapter too turn your water pipe into an oil rig.

Everyone has a different temperature that they prefer. I personally set my own to 750 degrees F to check out the taste of my concentrate. You can put the temperature up more if you’re going for even bigger hits. You don't necessarily need a carb cap, but I notice that it really helps get the full kick out of your component. Just throw it on at the end of your hit and  watch the vapor build up in your piece.


Modifying the heat range is very simple, just click down on either the up or down button on the enail device until eventually you reach the best temperature you’re comfortable with. If you're switching over from smoking flower then you probably won't mind a higher heat. Let it heat up and then take pleasure in your oil!

Simply consider about all the butane you will be conserving and you’ll come to realize the enail will pay for itself later down the road. Not to mention all the extract you are conserving that could have been burned. Being able to control the temperature really pays off.

Many units arriving from Asia just never meet the standard security regulations enforced here in the US. This can cause your unit to malfunction and might also be a potential fire hazard. Most US sellers also offer a warranty incase you need to send it in for repair.

Shortly after browsing the web, I went ahead and ordered my enail from 710 VISIONS because they had an amazing deal on the best enail. It comes with a titanium nail, titanium carb cap, coil, and they even throw in a couple of silicone containers to keep your extract in. Everything you need to get started basically.

I even switched to a quartz banger enail to see the taste difference and it still operates wonderfully. I do have to say that quartz allows you to taste the terps from your concentrate better than titanium.

My Thoughts on the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

on Mon, 01/04/2016 - 16:53

The Arizer Solo ranks as one of the best vaporizers for herb in terms of flavor and effectiveness.

The battery life on this unit is around two hours before you need to put it to charge. Mine usually lasts two days and I leave it charging over night on the second night. But that is with heavy use, so if you don't medicate everyday you can most likely get a longer battery life. You can usually get around twelve to sixteen sessions before you need to charge it. 

This vaporizer has a safety feature that will turn off after ten minutes. You can simply turn it back on if you want to continue vaping. The Arizer Solo boasts performance over stealth, and the price rivals many of the top vaporizers in the market. 

The ease of use is a unique feature packaged with this vape.

Simply place your ground herb in the glass stem, pick your preferred tmeperature, insert the stem, and let it heat up. You can select your temperature with the buttons above the heat light.

Many patients prefer anywhere between the four and six temperature setting. If it's your first time using the unit, you can simply start at 2 or 3 and select a higher temperature if needed.  A lower temperature will result in a ligher vapor and allow you to taste your herb more.