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Skycloud 2.0 by KandyPens: Review & Unboxing

on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 01:51


The Arizer Solo ranks as one of the best vaporizers for herb in terms of flavor and effectiveness. The battery life on this unit is around two hours before you need to put it to charge. 

Mine usually lasts two days and I leave it charging over night on the second night. But that is with heavy use, so if you don't medicate everyday you can most likely get a longer battery life.

You can usually get around twelve to sixteen sessions before you need to charge it. This vaporizer has a safety feature that will turn off after ten minutes. You can simply turn it back on if you want to continue vaping.

The Arizer Solo boasts performance over stealth, and the price rivals many of the top vaporizers in the market. 

The ease of use is a unique feature packaged with this vape. Simply place your ground herb in the glass stem, pick your preferred tmeperature, insert the stem, and let it heat up. You can select your temperature with the buttons above the heat light.

Many patients prefer anywhere between the four and six temperature setting. If it's your first time using the unit, you can simply start at 2 or 3 and select a higher temperature if needed.  A lower temperature will result in a ligher vapor and allow you to taste your herb more.